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Shamans have followed a spirit path for tens of thousands of years. This less-traveled road has led them through a world of wonder, to realms beyond ordinary experience, to joy and healing, to spirit-helpers, to song and dance, to knowledge, and to the service of others.

The Shaman Spirit Path is a road less travelled. It leads us to our heart’s desire, to our soul’s quest for the truth; our own truth, based on our own experience, not on belief. We travel not alone, but guided by our spirit helpers: power animals, spirit teachers, ancestors, descendants, nature spirits.

It is a path of the spirit, of the soul, a path of growth, of belonging, of peace, of love and compassion, and of helping others.

We clear our own spirit path, as present-day shamans, or shamanic practitioners, bringing the light of spirit through to ourselves, living it more fully every day as we journey, both in Ordinary and Non-Ordinary Reality. Together with the helping spirits and each other, we become increasingly able to respond to the urgent needs of today’s world.

The purpose of this Shaman Spirit Path is to show you various shamanic ways to begin or to continue your own spirit path in a time-tested, safe and practical way. Consisting of shamanic workshops, treatments and shamanic connections, this is a path that draws you into a limitless tapestry of wonder, joy, laughter, love, power, and wisdom where exploration, learning, helping others, and celebration are but a few of the interwoven threads.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

- Robert Frost

Educator & Shamanic Practitioner

Glenn Campbell

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