Shaman Spirit Path Announces Glenn Campbell's Retirement

Greetings from Shaman Spirit Path!

I have recently retired as a Faculty Member/Facilitator for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and as a Shamanic Practitioner. It was time...

For the past twenty years I have provided shamanic treatments for clients throughout Ontario and Canada and since 2010 have taught core shamanism workshops for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, supporting clients and students on their personal Shaman Spirit Path.

I am filled with gratitude for the richness all this has brought to my life. I will now be pursuing my own personal spiritual path in a private and quiet manner.

For information regarding core shamanic workshops currently being offered by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as well as for practitioners offering core shamanic healing services, please contact the FSS at

For the time-being, you will still be able to reach me at, but please remember... I have retired!

Wishing you all the very best,